Pioneers vs Trailblazers in Ballroom

The Pioneers of the ballroom scene are the creators of the ballroom scene. There cannot be any new Pioneers in ballroom (mainstream or kiki) because those types of ballroom scenes are already in existence.  As a Trailblazer - You are not pioneering anything in the ballroom scene because the scene was already created in America. All you are doing is bringing over an American ballroom culture/scene that has already been in existence to a new area. Because of that fact the most respectful term for those kinds of people to be called would be Trailblazers and not Pioneers. 

For example: A person can be the Trailblazer of their location or country however, if you do not have any actual ballroom wins/trophies then your status within the ballroom is only a Star. Being a Trailblazer has nothing to do with your ballroom status. Ot only identifies you as the person to being ballroom to your area. To take it a step further. You can also be a Trailblazer and someone else from your location or country can have a higher ballroom status than you if they are actually walking and winning at balls.  A Trailblazer has no ballroom status unless they are actually competing at balls in the ballroom scene. You can only achieve a ballroom status by walking and competing at balls on the runway. I have been asked this question many times and wanted to document my views. I hope this information helps for the future. 

Icon Jamal Milan